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Student Workshops and Event Live Radio

  • Education Radio in a Single Box
  • HUB Reporter - perfect for sharing
  • Get a Full Radio Station Package
  • Develop Resilience & Improve Mental Health
  • Put Young Folks in charge of your Station
  • Spread the cost of your Radio Station
  • Our School Radio Kit


    Russell makes stunning broadcasting kit for young folks of any age that they simply love using

    This is Education Radio Broadcasting equipment for the discerning Educator, portable and studio solutions are available for a wide range of budgets

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  • Radio Projects


    Russell will come to your establishment with his HUB Reporter and Guest Studio to make a live Radio Show

    Working in small or larger groups, your Young People will prepare and broadcast a live radio show that Parents can listen to live at Home and afterwards as a Podcast

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  • Nick & Russell at NEC 2013

    Live Radio

    We're ON AIR 24hrs with our unique range of programmes reflecting on the World of Learning. 

    We use our Internet Radio Channel to host live Broadcasting Workshops and to Report from Major Education Events from across The World

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Russell Prue Hosting Big Debate III

More about what we do ...

We work across a number of key markets but mainly in the Education sector

  • Russell is a well known guest & host at many high profile conferences
  • Our 24hr Internet Radio Station started in 2008
  • We've had over 40 million listeners since we started
  • Our radio channel is used to host Live Student Workshop & Live Events
  • Russell qualified as a Lead Creative Practitioner in 2017
  • In the 1st quarter of 2018 he made over 42 live shows with 6 different Schools
  • Russell has been designing and building Education Radio Stations for 10 years
  • We delivered our 346th Radio Station in July 2018
  • Russell can design a bespoke station that works for all of your young folks
  • We can also build you one of our established & successful stations to order

Education Radio can produce phenomenal improvements in learning ...

We have a simple range of stations, Portable or Studio

Our ethical approach to business and learner centric design of technology set us apart from the crowd.  We are exceptionally focused on providing new learning opportunities for young people, we challenge, provoke and inspire colleagues to look again at what they do.  When young people have the opportunity to lead their own learning with Technology, the result is often a more creative, meaningful and inspired outcome.


HUB Reporter Studio being made

A HUB Studio in production

It has often been said that Russell has a great face for Radio, well it appears he's not bad on video either!
The Big Education Debate Part III - the latest episode published Thursday 5th July 2018

The Children's only interview is below

NEWS - January 2019

New Hosted WordPress site coming from us this month
we couldn't resist any longer, the features on offer are stunning!
BETT2019 is HERE
I'm presenting and hosting NetSupport Radio
Live from London, 3pm every day during BETT

The rest of my Arts Council of Wales Projects start this month
Cathays High School
Phillipstown Primary School
White Rose Primary School
George Street Primary School
Follow them all in my SoundCloud Welsh Tour 2019 Collection (soon)

See our YouTube Video - Russell chats about School Radio
We have stations in 346 Schools all over the World
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