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We lead the market with our innovative approach to School Radio

Our School Radio Stations are still the cheapest in the World and start from £2,995
Have a listen to what six YR5 Pupils did using our equipment for the first time!

Educators are using Live School Radio to motivate and inspire learners and improve writing and speaking skills.  Our technology is built around the needs of young people not the Broadcasting Industry.  Our customers use their school radio stations to bring callers onto their shows from Skype saving on dedicated telephone hardware and utilising the power of IP telephony without impacting on school switchboards or hearing themselves on the Programme-Mix.  They can also pause music tracks, drag and drop MP3 files onto the Jingle Playout Software that you can trial free of charge.  They can bring music on their USB Memory stick and play it into the show without importing, transcoding and faffing around with anything.   This is what young people expect today!  Our customers can upgrade for a full professional radio station playout environment when they're ready.  We use commercially available hardware that is tried and tested in the marketplace and bring it together with our refreshing approach to broadcasting.  For a near instant start-up experience, we've added a Solid-State Boot Disk - Windows 10 was designed for this particular technology.  We have a small educationally focussed range of products.  An all-in turnkey system that comes with a computer and touch-screen monitor built into either desktop studio furniture or a portable solution.  We also offer a cheaper solution built around using one of your iPads/Tablet Computers and a Laptop.  We can also provide you with a complete commercial studio using Radio Star software from Jazler, 3 Touch-Screen monitors, capacity for multiple guests and some gorgeous head-turning studio furniture.

Things that make us different!
We are the only School Radio manufacturer that has their own Radio Station, we don't just talk about broadcasting, we do it!  Over 40 million people Worldwide have listened to our shows.  Get one of our FREE APPs from the Google Store or listen on your iPhone with our Apple Store App and find out just how good our equipment really sounds.  We train you and your young people on your site to save you the cost of cover and attending a session elsewhere! 

Bradon Forest

Why School Radio?

Bradon forest impact report?   

David Wright from Bradon Forest School in Wiltshire presented his findings from this Wiltshire LA supported project.

There were lots of significant improvements across a number of subject during the study.  The School installed an Anderton Tiger Dekstop Station and started using it initially with boys at KS3.  The use of the station has now broadened to include BTEC students and other pupils at the School.
Download the findings here as a PDF


Fitzmaurice Primary School

An IMPACT report from this Wiltshire school
Download the findings here as a PDF

Spend your Pupil Premium with us

Close the GAP with a School Radio Station
"Highly recommended! Cover virtually every curriculum area for your pupil premium pupils, plus build essential social skills and confidence! We love our school radio station and Russell's expertise and enthusiasm is second to none!"
Matt O'Grady - Headteacher West Horndon Primary School, Essex

Generate Sponsorship & Revenue

Get your local small businesses & organisations to support your station by making and selling advertising on your School Station, YES it works!

HUB iPad

You asked us for something even cheaper and you said that you wouldn't mind using an old laptop for streaming and recording programme content.  You also told us that you'd like to use your iPad with some jingle player software to save even more cost.

We've put together an interesting solution based on our innovative approach to broadcasting.  This solution is much cheaper because you provide the laptop and iPad, we configure these for you during our delivery and training.  You can play music and jingles from CD/MP3 or USB Memory Sticks.  We provide a branded USB Memory Stick with Jingles that you can use to put your music on and play from the Numark decks.  You get a Presenter Microphone, Seven Channel Mixer with USB Audio for recording and making Skype calls.  Also included are; Headphones, Speakers and a MIC LIVE sign, a holder for your iPad or Tablet Device so that you can play your jingles at the touch of a the screen (without a key press sound or mouse click).  The package has a real DJ feel about it.  You can add a Guest Pack, more Presenter Headphones, a Drawer, a separate Wall Mounted ON AIR/MIC LIVE sign and upgrade to a Portable Trolley solution.

FREE delivery and Free On-Site training are included for mainland Britain as standard. 

The HUB iPad from £2,995 plus VAT

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HUB PLUS - Turnkey PC with 22" Touch-Screen

This is a turnkey all-in solution for those that don't want to provide their own PC and iPad.  The Powerful Industrial 19" Rack mounted PC comes with Jazler Show 2 Jingle Player software and jingles pre-installed.  The 22" wide Touch-Screen is mounted on the MIC LIVE sign pole for easy operation.

We wanted to make it easier and cheaper to get into School Radio with some cracking professional kit that produced outstanding audio quality.

The HUB PLUS is everything that is the HUB plus a rack mounted PC and touch-screen monitor.  We've installed Jingles and a brilliant and colourful Jingle Player "Jazler".  We've also installed streaming and recording tools so your radio shows can be broadcast around your establishment from day one!  You can even add another monitor for more screen real-estate.  The Industrial rack mounted PC is capable of streaming and recording two different audio sources at the same time, so you can make a podcast of your show without copyright music.  Skype calls are handled elegantly by the Allen & Heath XB-10 mixing desk and calls can auditioned and recorded too.  Music is played by CD or USB Drive and tracks are started using the remote HOT Start Buttons on the Fader Desk.

FREE delivery and Free On-Site training are included for mainland Britain as standard. 

The HUB PLUS from £5,995 plus VAT

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HUB PLUS Portable

Schools have been telling that they're pressed for space and are struggling to find a permanent studio for their planned radio station.

The HUB PLUS Portable is perfect for instant deployable broadcasting, it moves about fully setup and can take a full Guest Pack Studio too, offering three microphones and eight sets of headphones for a large group to operate.  The kit easily moves through doorways and the studio desk surface clicks up into place to offer an unprecedented amount of working space.  Shown here with a 3U & 4U Slam-Shut Drawer combination it offers lockable storage space where blanking plates would normally be fitted.  The HUB PLUS Portable has all the features of the HUB PLUS but is portable.

The HUB PLUS Portable from £6,690

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Schools have been asking us for something slightly more professional for their media studies students to use but also suitable for younger children too!

The HUB PLUS Portable PRO is perfect for instant deployable broadcasting, it moves about fully setup.  We've added a second 22" Touch-Screen to double the screen space.  You also get a Guest Pack that adds two more microphones and four more headphones.  You also get with this solution a Presenter Headphone pack that adds more headphones and an amplifier.  A pull out keyboard tray for the Keysonic keyboard and mouse keep the desktop surface tidy.  You'll find the lockable 2U drawer handy too.  The industry standard Sonifex 100mm long-throw faders mixing desk is flush mounted and built into the same furniture above.  We've also been able to exclusively add some extra-value to the S0 Desk by fully incorporating Skype functionality with caller audition facility as well as instant On-Off Bus features - both not normally available on this model. You can still plug the station into a standard POT Line but go anywhere Skype offers greater flexibility. This is an exceptional offer, you get to upgrade to a Sonifex S0 for just £1025 when compared to a similar bundle from the HUB PLUS range.
The HUB PLUS PRO would look at home in any radio studio.

The HUB PLUS PRO from £9,295

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This is pretty much the solution above but in a permanent fixed studio setting, you'll get all the furniture seen here.  There's plenty of room for two guests and a presenter.  You can add a Vinyl Turntable if you want, something that's hard to have on a portable solution!  There's an illuminated MIC LIVE sign with stand included too.   Your two touch-screen monitors sit on the desk either side of your microphone.

The furniture is made to the highest standard and is the same specification you'd find in a commercial radio station studio.  The Sonifex S0 long throw fader desk is nicely mounted flush into the desk.  Cables are hidden below the desk leaving the surface clear and uncluttered.  You'll get a full sized keyboard and MS mouse.  Behringer 150w desktop monitor speakers are included too.  Full installation and one day onsite training with Russell Prue is included in the cost.

The HUB PLUS Studio PRO £10,995

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Professional Analogue Studio

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Here's a quick summary of our range


Turnkey solution, everything is included, big 22" Touch-Screen & Software

Perfect for customers wanting a complete solution, the kit looks stunning and is so easy to operate

The jingle playback software is amazing and so simple to operate, the system will stream audio around your establishment the moment it arrives.  Our clever use of the AUX/Record/Programme Buses offers outstanding flexibility.  The extended EQ and manual PFL features make this system perfect for those wanting a BTEC level experience but at the same time engage younger and less experienced broadcasters with the simple operation of the XB-10 mixing desk.



Cheaper, as you provide the computer and iPad/Tablet

More suited for those on a tight budget or wanting to use existing kit to power their station

Supplied with quality components, significant cost savings are possible because there's no software required as the XB-10 Mixing Desk does all the work.  This solution is supplied without a PC.  Broadcasting around your establishment is easy and free using an old computer or laptop running Shoutcast.  You can record in Audacity too and use Skype on your show.  We provide the support to configure your laptop during delivery and we install the jingles on your iPad, leaving you with a complete system.