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We lead the market with our Learner-Centric innovative approach to School Radio

Our School Radio Stations entry level product is the HUB Reporter from £6,500

Here's a lovely example of what we do ...


The Listen Again recording above is this School's first ever live broadcast, what is amazing but not unusual for our Customers is that this was on the day that their HUB Reporter arrived from us!  After just only a few hours of training from Russell, this is what YR3/4/5 achieved!

Educators are using Live School Radio to motivate and inspire learners and improve writing and speaking skills.  Our technology is built around the needs of young people not the Broadcasting Industry.  Our customers use their school radio stations to bring callers onto their shows from Skype saving on dedicated telephone hardware and utilising the power of IP telephony without impacting on school switchboards or hearing themselves on the Programme-Mix.  They can also pause music tracks, drag and drop MP3 files onto the Jingle Playout Software that you can trial free of charge.  They can bring music on their USB Memory stick and play it into the show without importing, transcoding and faffing around with anything.   This is what young people expect today!  Our customers can upgrade for a full professional radio station playout environment when they're ready.  We use commercially available hardware that is tried and tested in the marketplace and bring it together with our refreshing approach to broadcasting.  For a near instant start-up experience, we've added a Solid-State Boot Disk - Windows 10 was designed for this particular technology.  We have a small educationally focussed range of products.  An all-in turnkey system that comes with a computer and touch-screen monitor built into either desktop studio furniture or a portable solution.  We also offer a cheaper solution built around using one of your iPads/Tablet Computers and a Laptop.  We can also provide you with a complete commercial studio using Radio Star software from Jazler, 3 Touch-Screen monitors, capacity for multiple guests and some gorgeous head-turning studio furniture.

Things that make us different!
We are the only School Radio manufacturer that has their own Radio Station, we don't just talk about broadcasting, we do it!  Over 40 million people Worldwide have listened to our show since we started in 2008.  Get one of our FREE APPs from the Google Store or listen on your iPhone with our Apple Store App and find out just how good our equipment really sounds.  We train you and your young people on your site to save you the cost of cover and attending a session elsewhere!    You can also download a FREE trial version of the Jingle Software we use from www.Jazler.com to give it a go, you'll find it incredibly easy to use and needs no manual!  Russell Prue is out in schools on a regular basis working with young people and live radio.  He is currently in post for a second year at West Horndon Primary School in Essex as a "Radio Professional in Residence"

Bradon Forest

Why School Radio?


Working in groups to tight deadlines, the realisation that there's no undo button with live radio and the coping and resilience strategies that come from this level of engagement.  You can expect an almost immediate improvement in speaking & listening as well as writing and punctuation.  Working with digital devices can be useful too, we've discovered that writing scripts on iPads leads to more text and a higher level of language (Arts Council of Wales Project).

Not all School Radio solutions are created equal.  Our expertise has come from the classroom not the broadcasting industry.  We have a strong view that the whole process has to demonstrate a measurable learning outcome that colleagues can be familiar with.  This is not about teaching young people to be radio stars!  The equipment has to be easy to operate, automation needs to be kept to a minimum.  Young people tell us their favourite bit is always going live to a real audience and knowing that folks are listening to them.



A superb live school radio station from Westwood with Iford Primary School


Close the GAP with a School Radio Station
"Highly recommended! Cover virtually every curriculum area for your pupil premium pupils, plus build essential social skills and confidence! We love our school radio station and Russell's expertise and enthusiasm is second to none!"
Matt O'Grady - Headteacher West Horndon Primary School, Essex


Get your local small businesses & organisations to support your station by making and selling advertising spots on your School Station, YES it works!

Explore our HUB range of stunning equipment HERE





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HUB Studio

This is pretty much the solution above but in a permanent fixed studio setting, you'll get all the furniture seen here.  There's plenty of room for four guests and a couple of presenters.  You can add a Vinyl Turntable if you want, something that's hard to have on a portable solution!  There are two illuminated MIC LIVE & ON AIR signs and all of the 23" screens are touch-screens for silent operation. 

The furniture is made to the highest standard by SpaceOasis who have a splendid track record for building tough innovative furniture for the Education Market.  The Sonifex SOv2 Mixing Desk has long throw fader desk and is nicely mounted flush into the desk.  Cables are hidden below the desk leaving the surface clear and uncluttered.  You'll get two full sized keyboards and two mice for convenient operation.  Sound is produced in the studio by a 300w Samsung Soundbar complimented by an under desk Subwoofer. Full installation and one day onsite training with Russell Prue is included in the cost.

The HUB Studio £11,000

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Professional Studio

Here's a quick summary of our range

HUB Reporter

Radio in a single flight case box

Perfect for sharing on and off site and for Outside Broadcasts

The entry level price includes everything you need to get you started.  More microphones, headphones and monitors can be added at anytime.


HUB Studio

Professional looking studio

More suited for those that have the space and desire to use the equipment with bigger groups

Absolutely everything is included, we can only think of a vinyl turntable as something you'd like as an extra and we can sell you one of these too!