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Mental Health & Wellbeing Show 2021

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Learn Radio

Learn Radio

We can provide a VIRTUAL presence in your classroom

Russell is great in front of your class


Seamlessly blending mixing with broadcasting
The HUB DJ revolutionises



Get Russell’s Radio Experience in a Box for just £1495 plus vat

Get into Education Radio for less

Get into Education Radio for less

We have a stunning range of Educationally Focused Radio Stations
that cost much less than you think! We’ve just delivered our 362nd Station!

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What You Say Matters

What You Say Matters

Counter-Act Society’s Obsession with Image and get back to

Get Some Kit to Do This
Crafty Cafe

Crafty Cafe

Saturday Morning Live Radio Show for Young Creatives on LearnRadio.Net

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What we Offer

Bespoke Education Radio Equipment - Learning Based Projects - 24/7 Radio Channel - Event Live Radio


Russell makes a stunning range of broadcasting kit for young folks of any age and ability to use.  He’s been doing that since 2009 and 362 Schools have a station from us, our latest product HUBcaster series uses the RODEcaster PRO desk, perfect for Podcasters and Broadcasters alike


Russell will broadcast to your establishment and provide you and your young people with a stunning whole-class interactive lesson that you can enjoy live.  He can provide creative broadcasting workshops to make a Live Radio Show or embark on a project over a series of Live Shows

Live Radio

We’re ON AIR 24 hrs with LIVE SHOWS for Educators on Thursdays at 8pm, Fridays at 2:30pm with our Feel Good Friday Show for Young People and Saturdays at 10:00am for Crafty Café for Young Creatives. In 2020 we reached over 600,000 Young Folks with our Lockdown Education Radio Shows

Education Radio can produce Phenomenal Improvements in Learning

We create opportunities for young people to develop their creativity, resilience & confidence through the use of Digital Radio Equipment.  We do Education Radio rather well.  For us, it’s always been about using radio for learning not just having a radio station in School and teaching kids to be radio stars!  We’re still the only UK Radio manufacturer with their own 24/7 radio station.  We use that station to broadcast live student workshops, OBs from big Education Conferences and Events and to showcase the very best ideas from Educators in Learning and Teaching.  

Our workshop activities are designed to improve self-esteem by providing the opportunity for quick wins; successes that impact significantly on confidence.  However, the challenge is to motivate young people sufficiently so that they can stick at the task long enough to experience that success!

From our work last year (March 2019 for The Arts Council of Wales), this interview is part of Russell’s end of the Show Show, an element in the live broadcast where the young broadcasters are asked questions they weren’t expecting.  Quite often we’re treated to a stunning answer and examples from the team, here is one such example.  This is what you can expect from your investment in an Education Radio Station from us!  During our 3 years of working with The Arts Council of Wales, we’ve worked in 11 Schools, 6 went on to buy a radio station from us and 3 already had one.

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Pricing At A Glance

Our main products and services, configuration & extras are available

HUB Reporter

£6500 free delivery UK mainland

  • Radio Station in a Box
  • HP 23.8" Touch Screen i7 32GB RAM 1TB SSD PC
  • Sonifex S0v2 Mixing Desk
  • Samsung 320W Sound System with Sub-Woofer
  • One Presenter Microphone & PSA1 Rode Arm
  • One Pair AKG K92 Headphones
  • Wireless Mouse. Keyboard
  • ON AIR & MIC LIVE signs
  • Staff & Pupil Training

HUB Studio

£11000 free delivery UK mainland

  • Studio with Furniture
  • HP 23.8" Touch Screen i7 32GB RAM 1TB SSD PC
  • Sonifex S0v2 Mixing Desk
  • Samsung 320w Sound System with Sub-Woofer
  • 3 Presenter Microphones & OB Handheld
  • 9 Pairs AKG K92 Headphones
  • ON AIR & MIC LIVE signs
  • Three 23.8" Touch Screens
  • Staff & Pupil Training

HUBcaster PRO 800

£3750 free delivery uk mainland

  • Broadcasting & Podcasting
  • HP 23.8" Touch Screen i5 8GB RAM 256GB SSD PC
  • RODEcaster PRO Mixer
  • Behringer M16 Studio Monitor Speakers
  • Four RODE Podcaster Mics & PSA1 RODE Arms
  • Four AKG K92 Headphones
  • Jazler SHOW & Jingles
  • Recording & Streaming
  • ON AIR Light

Radio Show

£200 live afternoon radio show

  • A Class Sized Group
  • Live Radio Broadcast to a World-Wide Audience
  • Includes Music & Texts
  • Magazine Style Format or Themed Topics
  • ON AIR end of Day or at a time of your choice
  • Use Skype or Zoom
  • Explore Themed Topics
  • Celebration Event
  • Reach Pupils Anywhere

Education Radio Works

Our Training Approach & Passion for Learning & Teaching sets us Apart

Improves Confidence

Everyone can use our kit, quick wins are easy to get and success feels good!

Improves Creativity

Collaborative, Inquisitive, Persistent, Imaginative & Disciplined

Broadens Language Use

Talk for Writing Really Works, Speech First, Then Writing & Script Development

Train the Kids First

Young Folks Must Be Able to Lead

Education Radio is for Learning

Enhance Learning Opportunities in All Areas

Every Delivery Gets Some Russell

Russell's Training Makes All The Difference

Hand Built by Russell Prue

Every System Designed & Built with Care

We Know Live Radio

We have our own 24/7 Radio Station

We're Open 7 Days a Week

10am - 10pm for Everything, Sales & Support

HUB REPORTER – St Mary’s CiW Primary School 1st Solo Broadcast

Our Creative Broadcasting Products

A quick look at all of our Education Radio Broadcasting Products

HUBcaster PRO 800

H100 £3,750.00 This is our PRO product but with an HP ElliteOne 800 PC with 256GB SSD, RODECaster PRO Mixing Desk, Behringer M16 Desktop Speakers, 4, Rode Podcaster Mics, PSA1 Studio Arms, AKG Headphones, Jazler Show & Jingles, ON AIR Sign

HUBcaster PRO 800 Triple Screen

H102 £4,495.00 This is the Ultimate Studio Workspace, HP ElliteOne 800 PC with 256GB SSD, 2 Iiyama 23.8" TouchScreens, RODECaster PRO Mixing Desk, Behringer M16 Desktop Speakers, 4, Rode Podcaster Mics, PSA1 Studio Arms, AKG Headphones, Jazler Show & Jingles, ON AIR Sign

HUBcaster PRO 800 DJ

H104 £4,995.00 This is the Ultimate DJ Mixing Live Broadcasting and Podcasting Station. As Triple Screen Product, plus Numark DJ2GoTouch Controller, Full Virtual DJ PRO INFINITY One-time Purchase Licence

HUBcaster PRO

H95 £2,495.00 This is Live Broadcasting Station, 10" Windows Tablet PC with 128GB SSD with Desk Stand, RODECaster PRO Mixing Desk, Behringer M16 Desktop Speakers, 4, Rode Podcaster Mics, PSA1 Studio Arms, AKG Headphones, Jazler LITE & Jingles, ON AIR Sign

HUBcaster LITE

H96 £1,995.00 This is a Live Podcaster's delight, 10" Windows Tablet PC with 128GB SSD with Desk Stand, RODECaster PRO Mixing Desk, Behringer M16 Desktop Speakers, Marantz Pro Mic, AKG Headphones, Jazler LITE & Jingles, ON AIR Sign

HUBcaster Music Player

H97 £995.00 This is a Numark CD77USB Dual Player in a Spider Pro Wooden Flightcase w535mm x d465mm x h230mm, Remote Control Cable Loom for The Rodecaster PRO


H90 £1,495.00 This is Russell's Radio Experience in a box, 10" Windows Tablet PC with 128GB SSD with Desktop Stand, Behringer DJ PRO DX2000USB Mixing Desk, Marantz Pro Mic, AKG Headphones, Jazler LITE & Jingles, ON AIR Sign

HUB LITE CD/USB Player Upgrade

H92 £995.00 This is a Numark CD77USB Dual Player in a Spider Pro Wooden Flightcase w535mm x d465mm x h230mm, Remote Control Cable Loom for DX2000USB Desk

Headphone Amp

HUB LITE Mic & Headphone Pack

H94 £995.00 This is an extra Marantz Mic, 18 way Headphone Amp with six AKG K92 Headphones, 2U Spider Pro Wooden Rack Flightcase w535mm x d465mm x h150mm & Flight Bags


H50 £7,350 This is a HUB REPORTER with a HUB DJ upgrade, Virtual DJ PRO INFINITY Licence, Numark Party Mix Controller, additional 23.8" Touch Screen Monitor, cable loom and desk clamp mounting pole

HUB DJ Upgrade

H51 £850 Upgrade your HUB REPORTER with Virtual DJ PRO software, Numark Party Mix Controller and additional 23.8" Touch Screen Monitor, cable loom and desk clamp mounting pole


H52 £400 This is a Vitual DJ PRO INFINITY Licence and Numark Party Mix Controller, suitable for HUB REPORTER stations with additional monitor and all HUB STUDIOs. Radio Station email required

HUB Reporter

HUB Reporter

H40 £6,500 A complete radio station in a single flight case, 23.8" touch-screen HP i7 1TB SSHD All-in-One, Sonifex S0v2 Mixing Desk, 300w Speakers & Bluetooth Sub-Woofer

HUB Studio

HUB Studio

H60 £11,000 Flush mounted mixer with 4 Channel Compressor & Gate for stunning sound, 3 touch-screens, 9 headphones, 4 mics & 3 studio arms, ON AIR & MIC LIVE signs, 300w Sound System with Bluetooth Sub-Woofer



H70 £1,000 Site visit with Pupil & Staff Workshop & informed discussion leading to a Bespoke Build Proposal - fully discounted with purchase of Bespoke Solution

Extra Day with Russell

Extra Day

H04 £300 Broaden the appeal of your new station with a whole day live radio production workshop. With a live virtual presence, Russell will train your Pupils & Staff all day

IP Playground Speakers

IP Speakers

H09 £895.00 Install some external IP Speakers using your network to reach playgrounds. Installation kit includes Amp, Sonifex Streaming Device, Speakers and weatherproof cables


H45 £300.00 Extra ON AIR and MIC LIVE signs - wall mounted version available, perfect for letting fellow Students know you're ON AIR and your MIC is LIVE

Headphone Amp

Headphone Pack

H43 £800.00 An 18 Way Headphone Amp in a flight case with 6 AKG K92 Headphones and connection leads. The flight case measures 525mm x 165mm x 360mm, includes bags for headphones

Add Extra Presenter Mic

Presenter Mic Pack

H02 £350 Add one more Presenter Microphone with Orange HUB Windshield, Rode PSA1 Studio Arm that fits onto the existing surface mount & AKG K92 Headphones

Extra Touch Screen Monitor


H44 £450.00 Add an extra 23" iiyama touch-screen monitor to your Reporter & expand your desktop real-estate, perfect for scripts, & emails during a show 5m HDMI cable & Swing Out Desk Clamp Mounting Pole

OB Mic Pack Upgrade

OB Microphone Pack

H42 £900 Add one AKG D230 Mic with WindJammer and 20m of cable with Headphones, also includes Audio Technica Headset with Broadcast Mic for hands free sports commentary.

Full Day Upgrade

Full Day Upgrade

H16 £200 Upgrade your standard half a day delivery & training with Russell to a full day. This item is only available at the time of the initial radio station delivery

Custom Jingles

Custom Jingles

H30 £350.00 Enjoy some professionally voiced jingles with your station name & messages. We'll include some Weather, Sports & News Sweepers and plenty of exciting Beds too so that you can make your own!

What Our Customers are Saying

Here are some of the comments being made by our customers right now!

There is a real buzz in the school come Russell’s visits amongst children and staff alike. The progress the children are making is great to see and as a Head I’m especially pleased to observe some of our not so confident children blossoming over the weeks. Going forward the use of the radio station will be in the SDP for 2019-20 to continue to develop the skills and knowledge the children have learnt through the project. Russell has been extremely professional and enthusiastic throughout and I know my staff have enjoyed working with him as well as up-skilling themselves ( & others) for sustainability within the school. Parents and Governors are both extremely pleased with the project with one parent recently tweeting: "I can't thank @russellprue enough for giving my daughter an amazing opportunity to present on his radio station. She has always struggled with confidence but listening to her hosting the show today for @PrimaryWhite has made me unbelievably proud and emotional. Thank you so much." The skills our children are learning are too numerous to list however for myself the risk taking, problem solving, research, resilience and confidence in Oracy are just a few of what I consider the most important so far. This project is perfectly in line with the new curriculum and we are excited to see the project through to the end as well as where it takes us as school going forward.

Kath Thompson

Headteacher, White Rose Primary School, New Tredegar

I was particularly impressed with this week’s show. The depth of discussion and the standard of presentation just gets better every week. 8th March 2019 - Cathays Radio - Arts Council of Wales Radio Broadcasting Project

Ian Brown

Assistant Headteacher - Cathays High School, Cardiff
Ian Rockey

If you're looking to boost confidence, improve vocabulary & enhance literacy skills, then get in touch with Russell, his Education Radio Broadcasting products do all of this and more, professional advice & easy to use top quality products!

Ian Rockey

Headteacher - Westwood with Iford Primary School

I can highly recommend getting a radio station from Anderton Radio, Russell’s training with children and staff is brilliant and he is always on hand if you have a question or need a bit of technical support.

Claire Hann-Perkins

Deputy Head, Christ Church C of E (VC) Primary School

Highly recommended! We love our Anderton Tiger Radio Station and Russell's expertise and enthusiasm are second to none!

Matt O’Grady

Headteacher, West Horndon Primary School

Russell Prue brought the radio station to our junior school a few weeks ago and I was amazed at how easy it was to use. The children were able to use the hardware to record their own audio and then mix this with music and jingles. The more-confident children loved asking each other questions and I could easily see how this would help with speaking and listening skills across the school. Many of the less-confident children stepped up the microphone and had a go as well. In future I see this as something each class could use as a way to share their learning and to entertain their friends and families. The recordings can be listened to live or can be put onto the school blog to provide a catch-up service. Oct 2013

Riders Infant and Junior Schools

Ian Addison ( )

After meeting Russell at BETT I knew instantly we were dealing with a professional outfit. From placing the order to having the training the quality of the service was outstanding. The technical support has been probably the best I have ever experienced. The radio station is changing the way we deliver our curriculum at our school. I would welcome anyone to get in touch with me via my web site if you need convincing further, I would be more than happy to showcase some of the amazing results we are having as a result of Russell’s work and the fantastic system. It really was money well spent. Gareth Ritter Willows high School, Cardiff

Gareth Ritter

Assistant Headteacher

Creative Minds

Meet the Team and our Associates

Russell Prue

Broadcaster, Creative Practitioner & Partner

Russell Prue

I broadcast live radio shows, work with young people doing the same and make brilliant radio stations

Jos Andrews

Associate, Producer, Writer & Broadcaster

Jos Andrews

Producer, Author, worked for the BBC for over 13 years, broadcasts and hosts workshops with Russell

David Oliver

David Oliver

Leasing Expert, Founder of FuturForm Ltd

David Oliver

David arranges our customer leases for them through FuturForm Ltd

Sally McKeown

Sal McKeown

Special Needs Freelance Writer & Broadcaster

Sal McKeown

Winner NSE Journalist of the Year 2006, Finalist ERA Award 2013, Texthelp Dyslexia Champion Award 2013

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Twelve Years in Business - we started making Radio Stations on 24th July 2009 and we've just delivered station number 362.  We'd like to thank all of our customers for their continued support.  Thank you!