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Russell has been designing School Radio Stations for over 10 years and knows just what young people want and Educators need from a Radio Station. Without going overboard with incredibly expensive equipment, he’s carefully put together a solution that all of your Pupils will be able to use without instruction! This is not about teaching young folks to be radio stars, quite the opposite, this is about motivating and inspiring a passion for speech and language and improving the outcomes for written work. Many of our customers target specific groups with this radio station projects in doing so have real evidence to show improvement. Let us know if you’d like to chat to any of our customers who have already experienced the benefits of owning one of our stations.

HUB Reporter

This is a complete Radio Station in a Box solution. In just one flight case measuring 1000mm by 500mm deep and 330mm tall, we’ve packed in a HP i7 23.8″ Touch Screen PC with 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSHD, Samsung 300w Sound System, Studio Microphone and Arm, Sonifex S0v2 9 Channel Mixer with 3.5mm AUX Input and Skype Fader, Headphones and HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Jazler Show 2 Jingle Player with jingles and free delivery to Mainland Britain with half a day onsite training for Staff and Pupils. You’ll also get an automatically illuminated MIC LIVE sign and an ON AIR sign too. H40 £6,500.00 This is great for MATs and those wanting to share their station or do lots of OBs.  You can now add HUB DJ upgrades to all of our products, Virtual DJ Infinity is here.

HUB Studio

This product is for those with the space and desire to create a “professionally” looking radio studio that everyone can operate. Our Studio design has come from over 10 years experience in the “Education Radio” business and together with Russell’s broadcasting experience, we’ve come up with the perfect studio setup. There’s plenty of room for mixing desk operators and a separate space for jingle control and the flexibility of combining these two operations if required for “self-op” broadcasting. There are enough headphones and seating for guest with plenty of room for wheel-chair access. The AKG D230 Handheld Microphone with Windjammer and 20 metres of cable provide excellent out-of-room guest interviews capacity and immense flexibility for in-studio performance and audio capture. The MIC LIVE automatically illuminated sign is in everyone’s eye line so the whole studio can see when there’s an open mic in the room! The audio compressor and sound-gate provide additional dynamic audio processing for that high-energy “compressed” commercial broadcast feel. H60 £11,000 and includes free delivery and setup anywhere in the UK Mainland as well as on-site training with Russell Prue.  This desking can be upgraded to a writable surface for £500, just add H61 to your order to get White, wipe-clearn  LearningSurface upgrade.

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