Why Anderton Tiger

Russell has been designing Education Radio Equipment since 2008 and now has 346 Schools using his equipment.  He’s well known for his high profile conference speeches and workshops.  Our Radio Station is ON AIR 24/7 and has a listening audience of over 40 million.  Russell qualified at a Lead Creative Practitioner in 2017.

We have an ethical approach to business and the learner centric design of our radio stations.

When young people have the opportunity to lead their own learning with Technology, the result is often a more creative, meaningful and inspired outcome


Education Radio Works

Our Training Approach & Passion for Learning & Teaching sets us Apart

Improves Confidence

Everyone can use our kit, quick wins are easy to get and success feels good!

Improves Creativity

Collaborative, Inquisitive, Persistent, Imaginative & Disciplined

Broadens Language Use

Talk for Writing Really Works, Speech First, Then Writing & Script Development

Train the Kids First

Young Folks Must Be Able to Lead

Education Radio is for Learning

Enhance Learning Opportunities in All Areas

Every Delivery Gets Some Russell

Russell's Training Makes All The Difference

Hand Built by Russell Prue

Every System Designed & Built with Care

We Know Live Radio

We have our own 24/7 Radio Station

We're Open 7 Days a Week

10am - 10pm for Everything, Sales & Support

HUB MOBILE – Junior School, Delivery Training 1st Broadcast

Creative Minds

Meet the Team and our Associates

Russell Prue

Broadcaster, Creative Practitioner & Partner

Russell Prue

I broadcast live radio shows, work with young people doing the same and make brilliant radio stations

Jos Andrews

Associate, Producer, Writer & Broadcaster

Jos Andrews

Producer, Author, worked for the BBC for over 13 years, broadcasts and hosts workshops with Russell

David Oliver

David Oliver

Leasing Expert, Founder of FuturForm Ltd

David Oliver

David arranges our customer leases for them through FuturForm Ltd

Sally McKeown

Sal McKeown

Special Needs Freelance Writer & Broadcaster

Sal McKeown

Winner NSE Journalist of the Year 2006, Finalist ERA Award 2013, Texthelp Dyslexia Champion Award 2013

Education Radio can produce Phenomenal Improvements in Learning

We create opportunities for young people to develop their creativity, resilience & confidence through the use of Digital Radio Equipment.  We do Education Radio rather well.  For us, it’s always been about using radio for learning not just having a radio station in School and teaching kids to be radio stars!  We’re still the only UK Radio manufacturer with their own 24/7 radio station.  We use that station to broadcast live student workshops, OBs from big Education Conferences and Events and to showcase the very best ideas from Educators in Learning and Teaching.  

Our workshop activities are designed to improve self-esteem by providing the opportunity for quick wins; successes that impact significantly on confidence.  However, the challenge is to motivate young people sufficiently so that they can stick at the task long enough to experience that success!

From our work this year (March 2019 for The Arts Council of Wales), this interview is part of Russell’s end of the Show Show, an element in the live broadcast where the young broadcasters are asked questions they weren’t expecting.  Quite often we’re treated to a stunning answer and examples from the team, here is one such example.  This is what you can expect from your investment in an Education Radio Station from us!

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