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You'll find some great resources here, no matter where you are on your development plan, you'll find something useful

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Help yourself anytime, Russell can help you improve no matter what kit you have!

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Take the resources with you, listen on the move or in the studio with broadcasters around you

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Just how do you interview a guest, where does the handheld microphone need to go?

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Welcome to Russell's Radio Academy!

Find some stunning top tips for making compelling radio shows

Russell's first Radio appearance was in 1977 on BBC Radio Oxford with Timmy Mallett.

Russell's radio academy offers great learning opportunities for everyone involved in Education Radio.  This isn't a course in commercial radio, this is radio for those involved in every aspect of Education, steeped in positive learning outcomes, you'll find Russell's Radio Academy useful, insightful, informed and on-trend!  It doesn't matter if you don't have our equipment, you'll probably still find the tutorials useful and entertaining. For more information about this exciting programme email us here on Academy@AndertonTiger.com

On Site


We'll come to your establishment with our HUB reporter OB Studio & work with your young folks on a live broadcast.  We'll play chat music and take live texts from listeners.

Focussed Small Group


Working with your team of broadcasters, Russell will help them improve their script writing, hosting and conversational  presenting  skills.  You don't need our equipment to have this day.

Cost Effective


We work with the Industry's best Streaming Provider Radio.Co, we can advise on how to setup this World-wide Broadcasting Service and what ports to open on your Network Firewall.

Fixed Studio


Russell has put some stunning studios together for our customers, worthy of a closer look is the eight-seat studio at Westwood Radio.  They're also ON AIR each week with a LIVE SHOW.


Russell sees thousands of young people a year in his live broadcasting workshops.  Using the goal of a live radio broadcast as the target, young people work harder than they've ever done before.  We've collected hundreds of hours of live shows and we're pulling out all the great techniques to share with you!  We also showcase some of this work on our 24hr Internet Radio Station.

It doesn't matter what level you're at, we still have some great Educationally focused top tips that will enhance your provision and broaden the appeal of your radio resource.


Russell makes some of the most innovative and easiest to use radio equipment in the World!  His learner centric approach to broadcasting makes it possible for everyone to operate the equipment!  Young Folks are usually able to start operating the kit within just a few minutes.

This is the young folks at Westwood Radio using a HUB reporter "Radio Station in a Box" from Russell Prue.  It's easily setup anywhere and just plugs into the mains, using wifi it broadcasts and connects to the School network.

Russell's Radio Academy SoundCloud Playlist

Listen, download and enjoy some of Russell's best top-tips for everyone involved in Education Radio


Off-Script Dialogue

Russell shares a great idea to get young folks chatting comfortably ON AIR - off-script.  This is part of the conversational development plan that he's been working on.  No matter what age or ability - this works!   >>

We call this Education Radio

When there's a learning outcome that's dependent on a broadcasting skill, it's more than just school radio.  This is different, it's also not just about broadcasting and making good radio this is about learning across the Curriculum in an exciting and creative fashion. >>

Hosting, Anchor or Distributed -

What's the best way to present or host your radio show, how should teams handover to others and should you consider having a central host of your show.  Russell chats through all the options and outlines the educational benefits for each >>