Buy a Radio Station from us before Christmas 2019

Get a £100 Amazon Music Voucher & A Full Extra Day with Russell

We wanted to do something special for this year’s Black Friday.  You’ll need a School Radio Station email address to redeem the digital voucher and you can have your extra day with Russell anytime during 2020 at no additional cost.  The representative cost for Russell is over £500 as travel costs are usually added to his fee.  We’re upgrading your delivery training day to a FULL DAY with Russell usually charged at £300.  You’ll also get our Professional Jingle Pack with customised jingles for your Station, priced at £350.  We’re also including in our Black Friday Bundle Deal some extra AKG K92 Guest Headphones.  Our standard payment terms apply and any of our current range of stunning Education Radio Stations will  qualify for this offer.  Some of these may already be included in your chosen product if they are then you’ll get another FULL DAY with Russell, no cash alternative is available.  Just get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration with your learners, we’re open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm, our contact details appear below.