The Voice from Headlands School - installed 20th March 2019

The Voice Studio at Headlands School

If you’re considering a HUB STUDIO from us we can help with drawings to help bring the space alive.  This was the site-manager’s office and with some careful thought this and the adjoining space have been turned into a radio studio and cafe!  The works are just being completed right now and the cafe should be open for the start of the Summer Term – photos coming shortly courtesy of Robin Hackett.


We can advise on the decor, the use of specialist white-painted walls that can be used as writing surfaces, lighting,  heating and cooling if required!  The furniture arrives first and is installed by professionals at SpaceOasis®.  The room requires just one mains socket and one CAT5/6 Network Point for the HUB STUDIO.

Installation takes up to one day but can be done in less time if required, the remainder of the day is then spend training Colleagues and or Students.  Typically, the following day is then spent training more young people who are going to lead on your Radio Project.  Russell covers operational skills as well as his award winning “Education Radio” Show etiquette and top-tips, he’ll have you making compelling and entertaining shows in no-time.  You can expect a live broadcast from the studio towards the end of day two!

Our standard HUB STUDIO can be upgraded for £500 H61 – Upgrade to Writing Surface,  to have a High Gloss writing surface added, this makes all of the horizontal surfaces a writing surface, perfect for in-show notes and important messages between presenters.  This is both helpful and aids creativity, there’s no rustling of paper and young folks love writing on the surface!

Our customer has added a great digital clock that has some truly outstanding features.  This is a brilliant prompt for young folks looking for a time-check  with some added words.  This studio has been finished with red padded chairs from Argos that set the logo off very nicely!  You might like to visit The Voice website and listen to some of their shows and enjoy their amazing story.

What's included with a HUB STUDIO

Sonifex S0v2 Mixer
HP All-in-One 23.8″ Touch Screen PC i7 with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD
Two Additional 23.8″ Touch Screens
Three Studio Microphones on Rode PSA1 Arms
Nine AKG K72 Studio Headphones
320W Sansung Soundbar with Bluetooth Subwoofer
Handheld AKG D230 Microphone with Windjammer® Windshield
Custom Jingles
Jazler Show 2.0 Playout Software
Delivery, Installation & Training
Three Year ON-Site Support for the HP PC

Two sets of ON AIR & MIC LIVE Signs
Pro-Com XL 4 Channel Audio Compressor
Eighteen Channel Headphone AMP
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Additional Wired Keyboard & Mouse
Lockable Slam-Shut Rack Drawer
Jingle Elements Library
Presenter DJ furniture with Guest Interview Table
User Controlled LED Coloured Studio Lighting
One Year Platinum Support