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    Education Radio can produce Phenomenal Improvements in Learning

    We create opportunities for young people to develop their creativity, resilience & confidence through the use of Digital Radio Equipment.  We do Education Radio rather well.  For us, it’s always been about using radio for learning not just having a radio station in School and teaching kids to be radio stars!  We’re still the only UK Radio manufacturer with their own 24/7 radio station.  We use that station to broadcast live student workshops, OBs from big Education Conferences and Events and to showcase the very best ideas from Educators in Learning and Teaching.  

    Our workshop activities are designed to improve self-esteem by providing the opportunity for quick wins; successes that impact significantly on confidence.  However, the challenge is to motivate young people sufficiently so that they can stick at the task long enough to experience that success!

    From our work last year (March 2019 for The Arts Council of Wales), this interview is part of Russell’s end of the Show Show, an element in the live broadcast where the young broadcasters are asked questions they weren’t expecting.  Quite often we’re treated to a stunning answer and examples from the team, here is one such example.  This is what you can expect from your investment in an Education Radio Station from us!  During our 3 years of working with The Arts Council of Wales, we’ve worked in 11 Schools, 6 went on to buy a radio station from us and 3 already had one.

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