Do You Want To Learn Radio?

It’s difficult to arrange a visit these days and maybe it will be so for some time to come.  Why not arrange a virtual visit with Russell?  West Horndon Primary School are having an hour-long session with Russell on the topic of the history of Radio.  This is a six week course put together with the School designed to reinvigorate their investment in their radio station.

You don’t need one of our radio stations to do this and we can host your session with your own member of staff leading the learning if you prefer.  Using Live Padlets in a secure environment, young folks write live on an interactive post-it note platform responding in real-time to questions posed by Russell.  It’s a great way to develop vocabulary, polish punctuation, and explore expression!  Russell includes examples of Jingles, Idents and presentation skills for broadcasters as well as resources on how to write compelling scripts and news stories.

We can also broadcast the session live on our radio channel to mobile phones using the tiniest amount of bandwidth – perfect for including young folks isolating in tech-poor households.

Contact Sarah or speak to Russell about booking a taster session for your group.  We can offer out of hours sessions for clubs, out-of-school projects and weekend events.  Our office is open seven days a week and until 10.00pm for your convenience, give us a call or complete our contact request form here.

Examples of Padlets from our 1st Learn Radio Show

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet