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finished on Wednesday 17th June 2020

We’ve had to make some significant changes to our business due to the impact of the Coronavirus and the way Schools, Colleges and Academies are now operating.  We are open as normal and we’ve updated some of our core products to meet the challenges.  Knowing that Schools were about to close, we and our good friend Ian Rockey – headteacher and fellow broadcaster at Westwood with Iford Primary School tested a new concept in Radio Broadcasting.  We mixed live radio with an education blogging experience to support learners during their listening so that we could teach using this combination.  Our philosophy has always been that video is great but hard to do well enough so it looks good.  Our trial was hugely successful and we invited John Sutton and David Mitchell onto the show, two great leads in the World of Blogging.  

Our Friday 13th of March broadcast (unlucky for some) was brilliant and it sparked some exciting conversations about putting something truly inspiring together that combined Radio & Blogging.  The following Friday we trialled Radio Blogging with Pie Corbett, David Mitchell, Ian Rockey and our Russell Prue.  It worked and on Monday 23rd March as homelearning started and schools moved into a keyworker support role, we made our first proper Radio Blogging Show.  Now in our 8th week, we’ve had 160,000 listeners, 365,000 page visits and over 60,000 pieces of work uploaded to the site.

We’re now engaged in producing a weekday live radio show at 9.30am and a special Sunday music show to help folks exchange messages and shoutouts at 3pm.  These are difficult times and we’re not sure when we’ll be able to once again offer a full range of products and service to our customers.  If you’re interested in broadcasting to your audience in partnership with us, please do contact us.  This method of live mass communication is great for learners, requiring imagination and creative thinking.  We would love to hear from you if you’re a business enterprise trying to reach an audience from our sector.

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RadioBlogging.Net is a daily radio programme that teaches literacy and is aimed at families and schools. It is interactive so that children write and their work is published during and after the show. Each day there are spelling, grammar and vocabulary games, followed by creative writing and responding to reading. The show features a poet of the day and author of the week. All posts are moderated and there is a team of teachers that respond to the children’s writing. It is an innovative project combining education radio and blogging to enhance and support continuous learning provision at this critical time.


Welcome to Radio Blogging – brought to you by Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell, Ian Rockey, John Sutton and Russell Prue, just listen and blog, it’s live, fun and interactive.  We’re LIVE ON AIR at 9.30am BST weekdays.   www.RadioBlogging.Net 

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“I believe Radio Blogging is a brilliant and exciting concept, and the team are doing a wonderful job in reaching and engaging with young people at home and at school during the crisis. Nothing else exists quite like it, and I believe it should be made available to every school and every home.”  SF Said

“ is an inspiration, it really gets children and even adults thinking outside the box. So good even I feel like joining in and it’s a masterclass in how to get children thinking, spurring them on, seemingly effortlessly, to tap into their innate creativity.”
Sue Hardy-Dawson

What We Do At Anderton Tiger Radio

Workshops & Projects

During the restrictions that are in place that prevent us from visiting your establishment, we've devised a broadcasting solution whereby you can broadcast live through us from your School. We use Skype but other platforms are available and you'd prepare your show in the usual way and we'd broadcast it live. You could use a Radio Blogging site alongside your broadcast to engage your Pupils in responding to your show. You'd host alongside our team so there's plenty of support and your Pupils could listen from School and from Home as well as Parents joining in too.

Education Radio Equipment

We're still able to make you a radio station in our workshops, the challenge will be getting it you and training your young folks but we thrive on challenges, so please do contact us if you're interested in one of stations for your School and we'll see what we're able to offer you. We still have an exciting and highly successful range of products for you. Russell is always happy to hear from you if you have a bespoke requirement, he has successfully built radio stations for several discerning customers last year who wanted something rather special from us.

LIVE Event Radio

As we’re ON AIR 24 hrs we have the capacity to broadcast special features and cover your virtual conference event from our studios here in Buckinghamshire.
We already broadcast our unique range of programmes reflecting on the World of Learning and featuring LIVE Education Radio by Pupils & Students. We can provide you with a readymade broadcasting platform with APPS in all the stores to promote and add value to your virtual conference or event.
In 2019 we generated an audience of over 21.5 million listening hours. Please contact us if you'd like to know more about what we could do for your event.

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