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Russell is a Broadcaster, Author and Educator. He designs and hand-builds Live Education Radio Stations for Schools all over The World.  Using his experiences as a Workshop Provider, Creative Practitioner and Conference Speaker, Russell has a very special and unique combination of skills.  He regularly speaks at Conferences on the topics of Social Media, Creativity in the Classroom, Using New Technologies and Safeguarding.  Russell has worked on projects for the Department for Education and The BBC.  He’s worked at every BETT since 1985 and is passionate about giving learning opportunities to Young People.

Twelve years ago Russell embarked upon a research project to find and identify some new, quick and easy wins for creative and collaborative uses of ICT for learners and educators. He looked at many technologies and could already see a gap developing between speaking and listening and writing skills. Learners were also showing signs of increased levels of boredom and reluctance and disengagement from their normal learning environments.  By 2005 Russell had already started making podcasts for his audience of Educators so that they could listen to advice and guidance from a variety of interesting folks about how they were using new technologies.   He thought that something along these lines would be good to do with young people but it had to be live and as you know podcasts are anything but live. Live is exciting, thrilling and full of risk and adventure, exactly what was missing from so many young peoples’ experiences of learning.  Live is actually quite easy to do, Russell discovered, if you have the right equipment and don’t have to fuss over the technology.  Russell moved his podcasts to a Live Internet Radio Show format and pioneered this work with the first emerging live Internet Radio Streaming Providers.  He then moved onto producing live shows from Schools with some children.  Russell tried lots of different equipment looking for the perfect solution, he even reconfigured other people’s broadcasting equipment to broadcast live on the internet in this fashion, but couldn’t find anything easy enough to use with disaffected learners, so decided to design and make his own!

In September 2008, Russell started broadcasting a live Radio Show each month to educators about Learning & Teaching in the C21st and started Anderton Tiger Radio. He also runs Live Radio Workshops in schools and colleges so that learners can experience the thrill and excitement of producing a live radio show. For more about Russell’s live radio shows and to listen again to any of his broadcasts please visit www.SoundCloud.com/RussellPrue  In September 2009, Russell brought a new radio station system to the market. The Anderton Tiger Broadcaster is packed with technology to make broadcasting easy. Russell often has his radio studio with him and colleagues get to see how by using this equipment they can engage reluctant writers, stretch more able students and engage with learners of all ages and abilities. Russell often talks about creative problem solving and vital survival skills for the C21st and the ability to collaborate to make a live radio show is a brilliant way of developing these skills. The DfE talks about these as “Multidisciplinary” skills.

Notable Doings!

In May 2011, Russell brought his second broadcasting product to the market, The Anderton Tiger Desktop. It is no accident that this turnkey radio station is the cheapest digital turnkey school radio station in the World. It has been well received and has the highest best of class 5 star rating on the independent website Innovate My School – Desktop School Radio.

For BETT 2012 – Russell came up with the brilliant idea of creating a live BETT Radio station to compliment the existing BETT Show activities. The total overall listener numbers across all the podcasts and live shows topped 100,000, thank you for listening.

For Safer Internet Day – Russell suggested celebrating the International event with a live 12 hour Internet Radio Show, in 2013 the show was extended to include Australia and America and ran for 15 hours. Live listeners numbers have exceeded 40 million with the help of the BBC World Service and the shows have been heard in 120 countries.

In July 2013 – Russell created EICE – Manchester Radio to partner alongside the Education Innovation Conference taking place in Manchester Central on 27th and 28th February 2014.  The channel will broadcast live at the event and in the months approaching the conference.  The first broadcast was on 2nd October 2013 and you can visit the studio at EICE on stand G28.  More details about the event and to book your free ticket and seminar schedule please visit www.EducationInnovation.com You can also listen to any of Russell’s EICE Radio Shows here.  https://soundcloud.com/russellprue/sets/eice-manchester-radio

Autumn Term 2013 – The Anderton Tiger HUB was launched, Russell had been working on the project over the summer after being asked by Headteachers for a radio broadcasting product costing under £3,000.

For BETT 2014 – Russell created Toshiba Radio – broadcasting a preview taster show and live from the Toshiba Stand C140 everyday during the BETT Show.  Guests included Sir Bob Geldof, Johnny Ball, Lord Jim Knight and Richard Gerver amongst many others. Listen again to the series of shows on our SoundCloud site.  https://soundcloud.com/russellprue/sets/toshiba-radio

The Sunday Times Education Festival – appointed Anderton Tiger Radio and Russell the official Radio Broadcaster of the festival.  We produced a series of live shows for the event and broadcast from Wellington College during the two day conference.  Find out more atwww.FestivalofEducation.com 

For BETT 2015/6 – Russell was asked back to host Toshiba Radio again, this year Sir Bob asked to come back onto the show and we welcomed River Monsters host Jeremy Wade too.  You can listen to our highlights at https://soundcloud.com/russellprue/sets/bett-2015-toshiba-radio 

For SID2016 – Russell created a three and a half hour live e-Cadet Radio that was broadcast from Chichester High School (Tim Peake’s Secondary School)  You can listen to the show again here https://soundcloud.com/russellprue/ecadet-schools-sid2016  

For BETT 2017 – Russell is working with Net Support Software the leading provider of network management software to provide their own POP-UP Live Radio Station for BETT, NetSupport Radio.   Russell will be broadcasting live at 4pm during each day of BETT and you can tune in LIVE or listen again to any of the shows here  www.NetSupportSoftware.com/Radio 

Arts Council of Wales – Russell qualified as a “Lead Creative Practitioner” back in 2016 and has been teaching live radio production skills to a group of selected young people at Hendre Junior School in Caerphilly.  The Aim of the Welsh Government funded programme is to improve the creative problem solving skills of the young people and to leave an imprint on the school from the intervention.  The young people have made significant and measurable progress in Literacy both Welsh and English and have grown their confidence and resilience too.  Listen to the series of 8 live shows again here https://soundcloud.com/russellprue/sets/hendre-junior-school 

For GESS 2017 – The second biggest Education Technology event in the World, Russell was invited to again provide a POP-UP Live Radio Station for the event.  Shipping a full OB Studio to The World Trade Centre in Dubai is no easy task.  Working with the good folks at Net Support Software the leading provider of network management software, Russell was broadcasting live from 14th March to 16th March each day at 3pm local time, that’s 11am GMT.   You could have tuned in LIVE but can now  listen again to any of the shows here www.NetSupportSoftware.com/Radio 

At Tech on the Tyne June 2017 – Russell unveiled his latest School Radio product the Anderton Tiger® HUB reporter, a complete radio station in a box solution.  His first radio station was shown at BETT in 2010 and things have changed significantly.  This product is a tiny faction of the size of the original system.  The reporter comes in one flight case that can be setup in minutes.   www.AndertonTiger.com/HUB 

For BETT2018 – Russell was asked back to The Net Support Software stand to provide some more of his fabulous POP-UP Live Radio Shows for BETT’s NetSupport Radio.   Russell hosted a live show each day during BETT week and met lots of young folks and Educators to talk about #EducationRadio Broadcastings.  Catch all of the shows here www.NetSupportSoftware.com/Radio 

Arts Council of Wales – 2018 – Russell was appointed to six schools this year as part of this amazing Lead Creative Schools Programme.  Working with over 300 young people from YR4 to YR10, he made 41 live radio shows with a clear focus on improving creative outcomes, language, confidence and writing.  All of the Schools have officially reported significant progress with the groups Russell worked with, judge for yourself as you track their progress here https://soundcloud.com/russellprue/sets/russells-welsh-tour-2018 

Arts Council of Wales – 2018/2019 – Russell’s first appointment for this academic year is at Willows High School working with 7BE class producing a live radio show every Wednesday at 2:15pm on Willows Waves.

For BETT2019 – Russell was asked back yet again to The Net Support Software stand to provide some more of his fabulous POP-UP Live Radio Shows for BETT’s NetSupport Radio.  Catch all of the shows here www.NetSupportSoftware.com/Radio This year he also won #KidsJudgeBETT Award, see video below!

Arts Council of Wales – 2019 –A further 4 Schools have joined Russell’s exiting programme this year, White Rose Primary School, Cathays High School, Phillipstown Primary School and George Street Primary.  You can catch up on all the progress on Russell’s SoundCloud site here as he publishes all of his recordings as part of this year’s Welsh Tour https://soundcloud.com/russellprue/sets/russells-welsh-tour-2019  

On Wednesday 6th February 2019 – Willows High School published their Lead Creative Schools results  from their work with Russell.  Follow this link to find out about the huge improvement their YR7s made in just 14 weeks with Russell

Arts Council of Wales – 2019 UPDATE – As the project closed with the last workshop being broadcast from Phillipstown Primary School in New Tredegar on Monday 8th April 2019, Russell had broadcast a total of 67 Live Radio Shows with over 38 hours of Content.  The live listening audience this year has been over 69k, this is a huge increase on last year’s 5 projects and with the news that he’s managed to get one of the Schools Cathays High School nominated for Secondary School Radio Station of the Year at only their 8th Live Show stage with a further 4 more to run!  See our Projects Page for more on this

For BETT2020  After successfully negotiating with the BETT organisers, Russell’s was appointed together with his BETT Partner from the past three years Net Support Software as the “Official Broadcaster” at the Show.  This brought unprecedented access to BETT’s keynote speakers, sponsors and contributors.  Russell produced over 11 hours of LIVE RADIO from BETT2020, listen again podcasts are available from https://www.netsupportsoftware.com/radio  

February 2020 – Russell built and delivered his 360th School Radio Station.  This one went to St Mary’s Church in Wales Primary School in Blaenau-Gwent.  You can follow the amazing progress of this School here through their published radio shows https://soundcloud.com/stmarysradio/ 

February 2020 – Russell is listed as one of the EdTech sector’s top 50 People, Products & Project for 2020 – download the full report HERE 

 February 2020 – Russell installed his 361st Radio Station, this one went to North Ridge High School in Blackley, Manchester

Russell won a #KidsJudgeBETT award this year for this Radio Station on NetSupportSoftware's stand D130

From BETT2019 Wed 23rd - Sat 26th NETSupport Radio with Russell


Founding Director Anderton Tiger Broadcasting Systems Ltd
Founding Partner Anderton Tiger LLP
OB Exhibition Events Presenter BBC (Learning & Factual)
Curriculum Online Evangelist – DfES
Chief Product Evangelist Research Machines plc


Russell joined a major PC manufacturer and education supplier in 1985. He developed his audience and presentation skills whilst entertaining and amusing education audiences with technology demonstrations. He left his employer in 2002 to develop his own business and to continue speaking about the benefits of using ICT in learning and teaching. He has a thorough working knowledge of computing, and regularly predicts future developments in technology.

Russell has presented to HM The Queen, members of the Royal Family, Heads of State and Ministers from the UK. He is well reported and enjoys a high profile as the best known ICT Evangelist in the UK. There is always time in Russell’s sessions for some hands-on experience of these new technologies and colleagues are urged to engage, dance, explore and broadcast where possible. Russell’s presentations address the issues and explore new technologies in education and business in a lively, unique and highly entertaining fashion.

In 2002, Russell joined the Department for Education and Skills as a Consultant and started promoting the Government’s Curriculum Online Project.  As the DfES’s Curriculum Online Evangelist, he regularly presented at conferences all over England.  Here he is with Charles Clarke MP – Minister for Education, launching CoL at BETT 2003.

How to book Russell

 Enquire about Russell’s availability with Sarah on 0845 838 5150 (BT Lo-Call Rate) or 0203 479 5258 (standard national rate)

Ask about Student Workshops, Live Radio Shows and EVENT LIVE Radio


Downloadable Resources from Russell’s talks

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Listen to Russell’s archive of radio shows and student workshops at www.SoundCloud.com/RussellPrue

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Help Protect Young People on the Internet with Radio PDF HERE

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