Inspire Your Pupils & Students with a short form or Series of Workshops and Broadcasting Projects from Russell Prue

Here are some of Russell’s workshops that are part of his work with The Arts Council of Wales this year (2019), all of his project result in a live Radio Show at the end of the School Day.

The selected Pupils and Students get themselves into topic groups at the start of the day, these either follow a standard magazine style format or Schools can opt for something more detailed to support an existing thematic   project, 

Some customers opt for a single event whilst others for a series of shows building skills along the way.  Russell is able to offer a skills training at every level.  For example, it’s quite usual to change the hosting from Distributed Hosting to Anchor Hosting offering a more fast paced show with Off-Script Dialogue and increased levels of Banter between the hosts as they comment live after each topic is delivered live ON AIR.

Have a listen to his work in Wales, at the moment he’s working in 4 different Schools each week having just completed the project in the 5th School as they started in the Autumn Term in 2018.

Please call Sarah on 0845 838 5150 to discuss your requirements or email 

Recorded at Willows High School Celebration Event Wednesday 6th February 2019